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German WW2 Tellermine 35/42 ST

NOT AVAILABLE ITEM NUMBER #197 Nice German WW2 Tellermine 35/42 ST, these mines were a modified model of a tmi35, the grooves at the top were added to…

German 8,8cm PzGr39/43 from KING TIGER tank ww2

NOT AVAILABLE ITEM NUMBER #171 Nice example of German 8,8cm APCBC projectile with BdZ5127 full stripped base fuze from PAK43/Kwk43 gun. The Pak 43 (Panzerabwehrkanone 43) was a…

German 8,8cm HE projectile from FLAK18 AA gun ww2

NOT AVAILABLE ITEM NUMBER #161 The 8.8 cm HE projectile with AZ23/28 fuze from legendary 8,8cm FLAK18 AA gun. Item was professionally restored and preserved. Free from explosoves.

Russian 122mm AP BR-471 from IS-2 heavy tank

NOT AVAILABLE ITEM NUMBER #93 Fine example of Russian 122mm AP projectile Russian name BR-471 . 122 mm corps gun M1931/37 (A-19) (Russian: 122-мм корпусная пушка обр. 1931/1937 гг….

Russian 82mm mortar grenade O-832D ww2

AVAIALBLE ITEM NUMBER #129 Decent condition Russian 82mm mortar O-832D with bakelite fuze MP-82 deticated to this mortar. Cleaned and preserved it is easy to take aparts. These…

German 3,7cm AP round from Panzer III tank ww2

AVAILABLE ITEM NUMBER #154 Outstanding condition German 3,7cm AP whole round. Case is made from steel with brass coating, Projectile still got 90% of orgin paint and ink…

Russian improvised aviation bomb made from 82mm mortar grenade ww2

NOT AVAILABLE ITEM NUMBER #155 rare item Russian improvised aviation bomb made from 82mm mortar body. Comes with AM-A fuze. Inert free from explosives.

British 3.7″ shell with No199 fuze from QF 3.7″ Vickers AA gun

NOT AVAILABLE ITEM NUMBER #175 Decent condition British 3,7″ AA shell from QF 3.7″ AA gun. The QF 3.7-inch AA was Britain’s primary heavy anti-aircraft gun during ww2….

German 7,5cm AP round KWK40 tank gun from Panzer IV tank ww2

NOT AVAILABLE ITEM NUMBER #199 German 7,5cm AP round used with KWK40 gun from Panzer IV tank. Comes with correct BdZ5103 base fuze. Inert and free from explosives….

German anti-personnel stock mine ww2

AVAILABLE ITEM NUMBER#129S Nice example of german stock mine.ZZ 42 fuze hase mome parts made from brass wich is unusual.Mostly this parts are maded from steal.Stick is a…