German 3,7cm AP round from Panzer III tank ww2


ITEM NUMBER #154 Outstanding condition German 3,7cm AP whole round. Case is made from steel with brass coating, Projectile still got 90% of orgin paint and ink stenciling. There is correct BdZ5103 fuze. Each part is free from explosives. 3.7 cm anti-tank gun (designated 3.7 cm Pak L/45) by Rheinmetall commenced in 1924 and the first guns were issued in 1928. By the early 1930s, it was apparent that horse-drawn artillery was obsolescent, and the gun was modified for motorized transport by substituting magnesium-alloy wheels and pneumatic tires for the original spoked wooden wheels, allowing it to be towed at highway speeds. Re-designated the 3.7 cm Pak 35/36, it began to replace the 3.7 cm Pak L/45 in 1934 and first appeared in combat in 1936 during the Spanish Civil War. It formed the basis for many other nations’ anti-tank guns during the first years of World War II. The KwK 36 L/45 was the same gun, but used as the main armament on several tanks, most notably the early models of the Panzer III.

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  1. Johny1888

    Nice, what is price including shipping cost to USA ?

    • admin

      $120 plus shipping cost. There is few options of shipping. Will send you private message about shipping options

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