German SD-1 cluster bomb ww2


ITEM NUMBER#194 Good condition German SD-1 cluster bomb. The SD 1 tail assembly is of light metal. A tubular frame supports eight light metal fins and a drum. SD 1; 392 bombs in AB 500-1 container; 224 bombs in AB 250-2 contai-ner; 50 bombs in AB 70-D1 container. Inert free from explosives

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  1. Pablo

    Do you have a price for this grenade?

  2. Historian55

    I’ll take it for that price if it still available.

    Thanks and kindest regards from Luxembourg !


    • admin

      this unit is sold but next one is almost ready will add soon pics on my site and let you know.

  3. Historian55

    Thank you for your reply. Please let me know when you have it on your site.
    I am on your newsletter list. let’s hope this will work as supposed.
    Kind regards,

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