British 3.7″ shell with No199 fuze from QF 3.7″ Vickers AA gun


ITEM NUMBER #175 Decent condition British 3,7″ AA shell from QF 3.7″ AA gun. The QF 3.7-inch AA was Britain’s primary heavy anti-aircraft gun during ww2. It was roughly the equivalent of the German 88 mm FlaK and American 90 mm, but with a slightly larger calibre of 94 mm. Production began in 1937 and it was used throughout World War II in all theatres except the Eastern Front. Some of the guns were captured by Germans and re-used on homeland FLAK batteries. It remained in use after the war until AA guns were replaced by guided missiles beginning in 1957.

The gun was produced in two versions, one mobile and another fixed. The fixed mounting allowed more powerful ammunition, Mk. VI, which gave vastly increased performance. Six variants of the two designs were introduced. The gun was also used as the basis for the Ordnance QF 32-pounder anti-tank gun variant used on the Tortoise heavy assault tank. Shell is complete with Gaine No11. All can be easy stripped in hands. Cleaned and preserved. Inert 100% free from explosives

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  1. Hi, Please can you advise if this item is for sale and if so how much please as I am seriously interested in this item. Thank you and hope to hear from you. Dan

    • admin

      Hello, This unit is not available but I’will have two more 200GBP each including shipping to UK

  2. sophies0573

    I have one of these available for sale too! It isn’t just the top tho it’s the whole thing. About 3ft tall from tip to bottom with the timer on

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